Welcome to FlightFiles — an easy and effective solution for tracking the maintenance progression of your aircraft. With FlightFiles’ unique web-based flight log recording system, maintenance item compliance is instantly updated after every flight input, eliminating the need for cumbersome printouts and handwritten logs. Instead, FlightFiles’ real-time reporting shows detailed utilization of the aircraft, allowing for quick and accurate distribution of all necessary status sheets.

Get Real-time Data About My Airplane

Staying on top of aircraft maintenance is critical for sare operation. With FlightFiles you can keep all pilots informed of any possible issues with our internal Squawk tracking and maintenance alerting procedures.

Real-time Data About My Airplane

Manage Service, Maintenance, and Avoid Compliance Issues

Tracking needed aircraft services, required inspections, and life limited parts can be overwhelming. This is especially true for TAA aircraft such as Cirrus and others that have complex systems with multiple life-limited and scheduled replacement parts. Our system helps you monitor upcoming items and sends reminders to ensure you stay airworthy.

Manage Service, Maintenance, and Avoid Compliance Issues

Track Expenses, Forecasts Costs, and Maximize Tax Benefits

Aircraft ownership can be expensive, however, proper planning of expenses and tracking of business use can help optimize your operation. FlightFiles provides a robust set of tools to manage your cost-planning to your desire with automatic reserve calculations and IRS Compliant Seat Hour tracking capabilities, you can rest assured that you have a consistent reporting process.

Track Expenses, Forecasts Costs, and Maximize Tax Benefits

Understand Who Flew My Plane, Where It Went, and When It Got There

By tracking all of your flights with FlightFiles you will have a complete history of where your aircraft has been, who was flying, and you can get an easy visual to see how much area you have covered.

Understand Who Flew My Plane, Where It Went, and When It Got There


Paper Tracking

Paper Logs and Clipboards

Paper can get wet or damaged, can blow down the tarmac, and handwritten notes can smear and be hard to read. Staples, paper clips, and clipboards are inconvenient and notoriously unreliable.

Multiple Pilots

Multiple pilots means scattered logs and questionable accuracy. Making sure that all everyone is billed accurately and fairly can be an accounting nightmare — and the plane owner usually has to pick up the slack.

Compliance & Maintenance Headaches

Ensuring that your service tech, accountant, and pilots are all working off of the same page is a challenge. Who has the latest documents right now and who’s keeping track of when the next maintenance is due?


Flight Files

Secure and in the Cloud

With Flight Files and an internet connection, your data is instantly updated, secure, and always accessible from Phone, Tablet, or PC. Still need a paper copy? Print-outs are crisp and clean.

One Solution

Flight Files makes tracking multiple pilots fast and easy. Create as many pilot-users as you want and sort data on the fly. Accurate billing becomes a click of a button, and pilots have instant access to Flight Logs and Status Reports.

Real Data in Real Time

Flight Files makes sure that the latest data — from maintenance schedule to pilot notes — are always at your finger tips. And the Alert System will become your hero — letting you know before the next maintenance is due.


4 Easy Steps


Aircraft Data






Add Maintenance


Protect Your Investment

Plans Start at $8.33/month ­— Paid Annually

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

FlightFiles comes as a yearly subscription for $99.99 per year. We think it will save you many times that amount in managed maintenance costs and tax deduction tracking alone.

Multiple pilots can use one FlightFiles account because they are set up by airplane. Individual pilot data is private from other pilots, but the Master Account holder will have access to everything.

Yes. We know how important your data is. Every FlightFiles account is backed-up in multiple high-availability data centers and protected by industry-leading firewalls and network security.

The current version of FlightFiles supports Single, Piston-engine aircraft and both Tachometer and Hobbs tracking. In a future release we will add multi-engine and other options.

We designed FlightFiles from the ground up to support you — the aircraft owner. You can add as many personal planes as you like to your subscription. Club aircraft and certain other ownership options require one account per plane.

FlightFiles is geared towards general aircraft maintenance with support for airframe, engine, and propeller times. Tools are included to monitor maintenance items such as AD-compliance, transponder checks, and GPS. Users are also able to see projected "time-till-next-service" at a glance.

Using FlightFiles

FlightFiles is geared to the airplane itself. Pilot-log tracking is on our roadmap for future releases.

FlightFiles is currently a 100% web-based application, so it requires either a WiFi connection, cellular data plan, or direct connection to the internet from your computer. We are looking at stand-alone apps for future releases. If you think that this is important, use the contact form to let us know

Yes! We designed FlightFiles to work with every major computer and mobile browser on the market. And the service is fully responsive, which means that it will size itself to your screen and be as easy to use as possible.

We think so. Logging each flight individually (as opposed to bulk time blocks) will help you get all of the benefit of FlightFiles, including analytics and accounting. But FlightFiles makes entering all that info super easy and fast.

Data integrity is job one for FlightFiles! If you save an entry by mistake, don’t try to over-write it or add a second entry. Send us the account username, tail number, date of flight, and the change you need — we’ll take care of it. If you have any questions, send us an email.

We are dedicated to our loyal customers — all the best feature ideas come from you! If you think of something that you would like add to FlightFiles to save you more time and money, shoot us a note. We’d love to hear about it.