Get Started Quickly!

FlightFiles has been designed to allow pilots to spend less time tracking and more time flying their aircraft. However, to accomplish this goal a few important steps must occur during the initial setup. We strongly recommend reviewing the below simple steps necessary to add an aircraft to the FlightFiles system. With a little organization you can be up and running quickly!

Note: Most of our customers start tracking their aircraft in FlightFlies starting with their date of membership, this is the easiest method. If you would prefer to load historical information Contact Us for solutions to load prior history!

Step 1: Gather Aircraft Information

Before you get started there are a few key pieces of information that will be necessary. Grab those logbooks and have the following ready:

  • Aircraft Demographic Information (Year, Make, Model, & Serial Number)
  • Engine Demographic Information (Year, Make, Model, & Serial Number)
  • Propeller Demographic Information (Year, Make, Model & Serial Number)
  • Current Hours (TTAF, TT Engine, TT Propeller, SMOH Engine, SMOH Propeller, Tachometer, & Optional Hobbs)
  • Recent Maintenance Compliance (Last Compliance & Next Compliance)

Step 2: Add Aircraft

Once all needed information is collected for your aircraft, login to your FlightFiles account and complete the following steps.

  • Select "Aircraft" from the top menu
  • Select "Add New Aircraft" in the top right of your window
  • Provide all requested aircraft information
  • Optionally identify compliance with common maintenance items

Step 3: Add Additional Pilots

When recording flight history within FlightFiles the PIC is selected from a list. You are automatically added to this list by default, however, you might want to add others. To add other pilots follow these simple steps after logging in.

  • Select "Pilots" from the top menu
  • Select "Add Pilot" from the top right of your window
  • Provide pilot information and save
  • Non-active pilots can be removed in the future using the "Active Pilot" option

Step 4: Configure Maintenance Items

When adding an aircraft to FlightFiles a few common maintenance items are added for tracking purposes. You may add additional items for tracking such as AD Compliance, Engine Overhaul, Annual Inspections, Avionics Updates and more. To manage maintenance items follow the below steps after logging in.

  • Select "Aircraft" from the top menu
  • Select "Maintenance Items" under the aircraft you would like to manage
  • Current items will be displayed and can be updated to indicate compliance
  • In order to add items, select "Manage Maintenance Items" on the right
  • Select the "Add Item" button on the top right of your window

Go Flying!

That's it! You are done! Now get out there and enjoy your aircraft! After each flight simply return to FlightFiles and visit the "Flight Log" section to record your flight history.