What is FlightFiles?

FlightFiles was created by IowaComputerGurus, Inc. founder and CEO Mitchel Sellers. As a private pilot, CFII, and aircraft owner Mitchel found the process of communicating aircraft maintenance items and overall status complicated, and unreliable. Following standard processes with in-aircraft logs just wasn't feasible. With multiple people flying Mitchel's aircraft, and one individual helping oversee maintenance compliance, pictures of the in-aircraft log were shared to keep everyone up to date. Just pure confusion!

Thus Flight Files was created - A simple solution for tracking the maintenance progression of your aircraft. With a web-based flight log recording system, maintenance item compliance is updated after every flight input. No need for cumbersome printouts, hand-written logs, or the like. Detailed reporting shows utilization of the aircraft, and handy reports allow for detailed status sheets to be distributed.

The goal was simple aircraft tracking from any device. All you need is an internet connection! If logging a flight from your mobile phone, the site will adjust views to display in the smallest space possible for optimal input. Visit from your home PC and instantly FlightFiles adjusts to support a full screen view!

We are continually working to make FlightFiles a better product. As we collect more information on your aircraft usage we will be able to provide insight into your usage patterns, costs, and associated items. If you have any feature requests be sure to use our contact form below to submit them, we welcome all suggestions.