Always Improving - Our Release History

Here at IowaComputerGurus, Inc. we believe it is important to be transparent about our development progress with FlightFiles. With each major release we will publish a set of release notes outlining key enhancements to the system to help keep everyone informed. Have an idea for a new FlightFiles feature? Contact Us today!

Version 5.8.50 - July 1st, 2019

Bug Fixes
  • Corrected an error that would appear if a user's login expired
  • Resolved issues with password reset

Version 5.8.45 - May 16th, 2019

What's New
  • If after logging a flight a maintenance item becomes due sooner, or overdue, an email alert will be sent.
  • Weekly emails with status reports now highlight maintenance items coming due soon

Version 5.8.37 - April 5th, 2019

What's New
  • Flight map report shows different colors based on times flown
  • Added ability to track oil level & oil additions
  • Added ability to track level of TKS fluid with flights
Bug Fixes/Improvements
  • Addressed issues with date selections not activating on click

Version 5.8.21 - March 20th, 2019

What's New
  • New report added allowing a monthly summary of all cost items for an aircraft to be downloaded
  • New ability to record VOR check compliance for aircraft
Bug Fixes/Improvements
  • Standardized the display of hours on all displays to be single decimal to match aircraft Tach/HOBBS formats

Version 5.6.30 - November 25th, 2018

What's New
  • You may now specify the number of seats available in an aircraft, which will control the options when logging flights
  • Users may now opt-in to receive an email on a weekly basis with their current Aircraft Status Report
  • Tab structures on aircraft listing have been made more succinct
Bug Fixes/Improvements
  • "Processing" messages have been added to indicate times where reports are being generated
  • Corrected issue with date-picker selection on key data field for squawk management

Version 5.6.15 - August 6th, 2018

What's New
  • Aircraft summary report can be downloaded as a PDF document
  • Aircraft equipment list can be downloaded as an Excel document
  • Users may now track the cost of compliance when marking maintenance items as complied with
  • Users may now view the history of compliance for all maintenance items
Bug Fixes/Improvements
  • Removed required validation on serial number for installed equipment
  • Improved the Excel export format display for the Flight Log Export
  • Resolved issue with Flight Map display that impacted some users